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A World Beyond the Top End

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A journey overview

  • Darwin
  • Kupang
  • Ende
  • Rinca
  • Komodo
  • Lamalera
  • Alor
  • Dili

12 Days Ocean Voyages
  • Departing:
  • 26 Sep 2019

Highly remote and inaccessible, even our intrepid founder Phil Asker is yet to cross the islands of Indonesia and Timor-Leste off his list. Along with his wife Kaye, Phil can’t wait to host this upcoming journey. Beckoned by salty spray and the low hiss of a Komodo dragon, step aboard the new Coral Adventurer, launched in April 2019 and privately chartered for our discovery. Each of the remote islands are a self-contained trove of wonder; revel the chance to discover their beauty below the surface. Also accompanying us as a Guest Host, we’re thrilled to introduce Australia’s leading lady and preeminent performer, Rhonda Burchmore.

A World Beyond the Top End


Tour Manager

Jo Taylor

Welcome to Darwin where Aboriginal Dreamtime makes up the fabric of the city’s history. Upon arrival we are chaperoned to the Hilton Darwin, coming together for a Welcome Dinner. From here, board Coral Adventurer and set sail across the Timor Sea, bound for the islands of Indonesia. As the Coral Adventurer slices through the water, we are gifted a day to enjoy aboard, along with a round of Captain’s Welcome Drinks.

Discover the historic harbour town of Kupang and its lively local market. Take respite at Tablolong Beach and witness a cultural dance set to the melody of a traditional sasando. The sharp ridges of Kelimutu, a famous volcanic crater on Ende, then greet us. Hike it its crest and discover the three luminous lakes whose colours are constantly shifting.

An expert guide leads us as we set off to discover the largest lizard on Earth, the Komodo dragon. Creep past nests in hope of a sighting the stone-scaled creatures. On Komodo Island, those wishing to go snorkelling may wish to slip into the psychedelic waters of Pink Beach, famed for its kaleidoscopic marine life. If time allows, we may visit a small and secluded village to visit a carver who skilfully whittles a Komodo dragon figurine.

Aboard Zodiacs, we are taken to the remote island of Lamalera which is renowned for handwoven tapestries. Learn the significance of the sperm whale here, and the ancient tradition of whaling which endures to this day. From here, we make our way to Alor. Spend time at the Kadelang market, Museum of a Thousand Mokos, and Takpala village where the Abui tribe greet us with a traditional lego-lego dance.

Perhaps delve beneath the surface of Timor-Leste’s capital by chatting to local villagers about handicrafts and their popular export, coffee. Maybe ascend 570 steps to Cristo Rei of Dili, visit the Resistance Museum and Santa Cruz Cemetery. Or slip on a snorkelling mask and succumb to a tropical, aquatic world. A Captain’s Farewell Dinner ties off our journey before we return to Darwin.

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