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Conquering The Northeast Passage Aboard Silver Explorer

  • Overview
  • Itinerary
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A journey overview

  • Anchorage
  • Nome
  • Cape Dezhnev
  • Ostrov Bennetta
  • Akhmatov Gulf
  • Murmansk
  • Tromsø

29 Days Ocean Voyages
  • Departing:
  • 9 Aug 2019

Bravely advance through Arctic waters from Anchorage across Russia to Norway, and see a region witnessed by very few.

Conquering the Northeast Passage 2019 map


After meeting in Anchorage, we take a city tour then check in to the Hotel Captain Cook. A morning flight takes us to Nome. We enjoy lunch at a cosy restaurant surrounded by locals, and explore the town before embarking Silver Explorer. A full day will be spend on board as we cross the International Date Line, via the Bering Strait to Russia, which results in us losing a day.

Welcome to Russia. We learn about the former Soviet military port of Provideniya on a visit to the town’s museum then cruise onward to Cape Dezhnev, the easternmost mainland point of Eurasia. Here, we see its famous lighthouse, then travel to the nearby coastal village of Uelen, the closest Russian settlement to the United States.

We open our curtains to Kolyuchin Island and admire its cliffs teeming with Pelagic cormorants, thick-billed murres and tufted puffins. From Krasin Bay, we see the 3400 year-old remains of inhabitants of Wrangel Island, then seek out birds, walrus, musk oxen and, we hope, polar bears. Drifting between floating sheets of ice, we approach a rocky cliff enveloped in seabirds, and set out on a nature walk along Cape Florens.

The Chukchi people of Ayon Island welcome us. The local school children have curated their own museum, displaying mammoth tusks, stuffed birds and Paleo-Eskimo artefacts. On the uninhabited Medvezhie Islands in the East Siberian Sea, we explore a range of diverse flora and geology. Then, enjoy ocean vistas from the comfort of your suite, as we spend a day cruising to Ostrov Bennetta.

The East Siberian Sea carries us to Ostrov Bennetta. Onwards, we cruise through dark icy waters, the ship’s bow breaking through frozen sheets. Scanning the near distance, we hope to spy polar bears navigating their way across the drifting ice. A day at sea gives us time to relax and enjoy extensive Arctic views.

Arrive at Akhmatov Gulf in far northern Russia, a deep arm running through Bolshevik Island. See icy slopes drop into the water on each side of the channel. An island in the Kara Sea, Isachenko’s shoreline presents clams, sea stars and cold water lobsters. But the island itself is a ghost town.

Between Novaya Zemlya and Severnaya Zemlia, we find Uyedineniya Island and dedicate the day to surveying its flat land. Cape Zhelaniya is our next stop, a desolate region, particularly during the punishing Arctic winter. We discover that it once served as the location of a Soviet Arctic station during the Second World War.

One of the largest islands in the Franz Josef Land group, Hall Island is almost completely covered by glaciers, as we discover. On Champ Island we look for its rounded stone geodes scattered along its shores, and behold the incredible sight of countless seabirds resting along the ledges of cliffs at Hooker Island. We spend a day on another of the Franz Josef Land archipelago, Bell Island. Look for polar bears and the occasional Arctic fox.

Lap up two days at sea with a quiet drink in the lounge or just enjoy the panoramic views from the ship’s top deck.

We drift towards Murmansk, the last city to be founded by the Russian Empire. We’ll view its fleet of nuclear-powered ice-breakers, and explore the NS Lenin, a decommissioned icebreaker-turned-floating museum. Then it’s over to the Gjesværstappan Islands at the edge of Norway. These steep-sided, grass-covered lands are well-known for their large numbers of breeding seabirds, which we are sure to spot on our travels.

Say goodbye to Silver Explorer on arrival in Tromsø. Here, we check in to the Radisson Blu Hotel, then celebrate our journey with a Farewell Dinner. Flying to Oslo today, our exhilarating journey over the ice is at an end.


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