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A journey overview

  • Melbourne
  • Christmas Island
  • Cocos Islands
  • Maldives
  • Central Java
  • Borobudur
  • Melbourne

9 Days By Private Jet
  • Departing:
  • 8 Dec 2023 Sold Out

Aboard our VIP private jet, just 12 guests will arrive in style, ready to embrace the finest offerings of four sublime island destinations. We see nature at its most profound, from the mass migration of a cast of red crabs to the picture-perfect paradise of our resort’s lagoon setting on the island of Kuda Huraa. We conclude our journey before the exalted temples at Borobudur and Prambanan.

Journey Map
VIP Private Corporate Jet
VIP Private Corporate Jet

Fly by VIP Private Jet

Just 12 guests will fly by private jet in VIP business-class style. Fly direct from Melbourne to remote islands, on flight paths not offered by commercial airlines. As you anticipate your arrival in each sublime setting, enjoy gourmet meals and fine wine. 



Red Crab Spawning

Witness the Red Crab Migration

Be present for the migration of millions of red crabs, one of nature’s most astounding events. Each year, these Christmas Island crustaceans emerge from the forest for their march toward the shore, in order to mate. We set out before dawn to secure prime viewing positions.


Paradise in the Maldives

The island paradise of Kuda Huraa is ours to enjoy over three spectacular nights. Lap up the unparalleled ocean views from your private infinity pool. Learn the finer points of island cuisine during a cooking class or receive a rejuvenating massage in the resort’s spa.


Sunrise at Borobudur

Arrive at the world’s largest Buddhist temple from your nearby resort. Observe the sun emerging from beyond the horizon to slowly cast its light upon the temple of Borobudur. In this serene setting, we admire the converging of nature, exquisite artistry and spirit.




Tour Manager - Dee Greenhill

Tour Doctor - Dr Guy Greenhill

As Your Tour Manager, Dee Greenhill Welcomes You On This Journey

Your Accompanying Tour Doctor For This Journey is Dr Guy Greenhill

This morning, meet your fellow travellers at a private VIP terminal at Melbourne Airport and board our private jet. Our non-stop flight to Christmas Island sees us enjoying a gourmet lunch and fine wines, as we fly over the Australian outback and the Indian Ocean. On touching down upon the remote island, we spend the afternoon learning about its history and development, before admiring The Grotto, an idyllic and secluded rock pool within a small cave. Nearby, we find the modest Taoist temple Mar Chor Nui Nui. Perched on a hilltop, facing the ocean, the temple is dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea, who grants seafarers safe passage.

Instinctively navigating their own way to the ocean, a heaving mass of red crabs emerges from the forest as part of an annual pilgrimage to the shore, in order to mate. Over drinks this afternoon, we learn more about this incredible migration in the hopes of bearing witness to it tomorrow. Dine on the balcony of the Golden Bosun Tavern this evening, enjoying the warm sea breeze. After dinner, we take the short stroll to The Sunset, where we stay in Ocean View rooms for two nights.

We rise early this morning and make our way to Flying Fish Cove, where we hope to witness the awe-inspiring red crab mass migration. A veritable red carpet is rolled out, as countless crabs march toward the shore. Coming down from our excitement over this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we relax on the beach, enjoying breakfast as the sun rises. We return to our hotel and take the rest of the morning at leisure. 

After lunch, we venture into the rainforest, where we admire the permanently flowing Hughs Dale Waterfall. The rainforest wetlands, accessed by a raised boardwalk, are home to mighty Tahitian chestnut trees, blue crabs and an array of rare species. We also head to The Blowholes, where the raw power of the ocean is evident in the plumes of spray forced into the air through gaps in the eroded cliffs. Afterwards, our arrival at tranquil Margaret Knoll sees us enjoying spectacular views over the eastern coastline of Christmas Island. Following this evening’s dinner, we return to The Sunset.

Should we not see the crab migration on our first attempt, the opportunity to make an early start to Flying Fish Cove is available again this morning. After breakfast back at our hotel, we meet back up with our VIP private jet for the short flight to the nearby Cocos islands. On West Island, we gaze upon its impossibly clear waters, before making our way to the Cocos Artisans Collective. We meet the island’s sole farmer and hear about his success exporting coconut chips and coconut ice-cream to mainland Australia – and our tastebuds insist on trying a sample or two. At Big Barge Art, we admire the unique creations of local artists, constructed from discarded materials and displayed within a restored boat. 

Boarding our VIP private jet once more, we chart a north-westerly course for the Maldives. Enjoying a gourmet lunch as we fly, we savour the quintessential private jet experience as we soar high over the waters of the Indian Ocean. On touching down in Malé, we link up with a speedboat for our ride across the water to the luxurious Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Resort. Dine alfresco this evening at one of our resort’s inspired restaurants, enjoying the warm sea breezes from your position upon the deck. Our Sunset Water Villas each feature their very own infinity pools, surrounded on all sides by a tranquil lagoon. Gaze out from your king bed or overwater hammock, enjoying unmatched ocean views, as the sun slowly sinks beyond the horizon.

After enjoying a relaxed breakfast at our luxurious resort this morning, you have a choice of Your World experiences:

— Get to know the culture of the islands during a tour of a nearby village. Behold the time-honoured skills of the island’s boat builders, as they apply their considerable attention to detail to the fabricating of their traditional sailing boats, known as dhonis. As you weave through local streets, admire the traditional, as well as innovative, architecture on display here.
— Learn to create a classic Indian dish during a cooking class, guided by a professional chef from the award-winning Indian restaurant Baraabaru. Use an exquisite array of vegetables, spices, condiments and garnish to produce a culinary masterpiece, before enjoying the fruits of your labour for lunch.
— Choose to simply relax and soak up the charms of our resort’s tropical paradise, or perhaps explore the island on your own schedule. 

After lunch at our resort, decide how you would like to spend your afternoon:

— Select from an extensive menu of relaxing massages at our resort’s spa.
— Take the rest of the afternoon to explore on your own or just unwind, making the most of the unparalleled views available from our resort.  
Our resort has us covered for dinner this evening, with Indian, Italian and Asian cuisine, as well as western options and freshly caught seafood on offer.

Truly at home within our island paradise, we see no reason to rush off. Today, all of the Your World experiences from yesterday are available again. Take the opportunity to see another side to the island or feel free to merely lie back in your overwater hammock and lose yourself in visions of turquoise waters and distant horizons.

After enjoying a final breakfast at our idyllic resort, we embark a speedboat to Malé’s airport to begin the next leg of our adventure. Our VIP private jet whisks us away to Yogyakarta in Indonesia. During our seamless flight, we dine upon a gourmet lunch, accompanied by fine wines. On arrival in Yogyakarta, we drive in a north-westerly direction to arrive at Amanjiwo, a lavish resort occupying a serene setting. Arriving in time for dinner, we find the restaurant’s offerings blessed with a cornucopia of fresh produce, their creations celebrating the region’s proud culinary heritage. This evening, we rest in our Borobudur Suites, each with its own private walled garden and accompanying views of Borobudur itself. 

Following breakfast at our resort, we take the short drive to the enigmatic temple of Borobudur. As the sun’s rays cast the day’s first light upon the temple’s vast network of intricately carved Buddha statues, stupas and stone carvings, we listen as our guide reveals Borobudur’s ancient secrets. From the temple’s apex, we’re granted astonishing views across the Kedu Plain, out to the distant and volcanic Mt Merapi. 

We return to our resort for lunch, after which Your World experiences offer several perspectives of this fascinating region:

— Enjoy one of the signature treatments available at our resort’s spa. 
— Borrow a bicycle and head out to survey village life, set against a backdrop of rice fields and palm trees. 
— Browse the wares of the nearby antique shops.

Enjoy the exquisite flavours of our resort’s restaurant again this evening before unwinding in your beautiful suite.

Two distinct aspects of Indonesia’s culture vie for your attention this morning. But as this is Your World, you are free to choose:

— Watch the sun rise over Prambanan Temple, Indonesia’s largest Hindu temple complex. As the sun’s dawning light converges with each of the ornate stone temples here, the site seems imbued with a sense of timelessness. 
— Learn the techniques used by our resort’s executive chef during a cooking class. Tour the garden and discover the vast range of herbs, fruits and vegetables it produces, and how they each contribute to the distinct flavours found in the Javanese, Indonesian and international dishes served here.

We may find we have a renewed appreciation for the interplay of nuanced aromas and flavours during lunch at our resort today. This afternoon, the Your World experiences from yesterday are again on offer. 

During our Farewell Dinner this evening, we toast our magnificent journey and savour a final evening at Amanjiwo Resort.

We bid farewell to Amanjiwo Resort after breakfast and make our way to Yogyakarta’s airport. Here, we find our VIP private jet awaiting our arrival. Our pilot charts a course homeward as we prepare to treat ourselves to a final onboard gourmet lunch, accompanied by fine wines. Our aircraft makes its gradual descent to Melbourne Airport in the early evening. Think back on the extraordinary experiences we have enjoyed together as we disembark our jet and say goodbye to new-found friends. 

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