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Remote Realms of Ice & Wonder

Enjoy voyages across some of the world’s lesser-known waters aboard purpose-built, luxury vessels. Svalbard reveals its wondrous world of white, while our advance to the geographic North Pole sees us following in the footsteps of daring expeditioners. Behold the gushing geysers of Iceland’s Golden Circle Route and the blue-tinged icebergs and glaciers of Greenland.

Silver Endeavour

A Fleet Made for Frozen Seas

The luxurious expedition vessels, Le Commandant Charcot and Silversea’s Silver Endeavour, traverse the otherwise inaccessible sea routes of the north. Accompany your Expedition Team to discover the icy terrain and resident wildlife of remote regions.

Northern Isles

A Beautiful, Rugged Environment

Like a landscape painting brought to life, these scenes possess almost mythic qualities. Deep fjords winding their way between precipitous cliffs. The self-reliance of Greenland’s isolated villagers. The awe-inspiring deluge of Gullfoss Waterfall. And the inspired aesthetic of asymmetrical blue icebergs.

Image: Chris B. Lee — Visit Greenland.


Everything Has Been Considered & Included

Enjoy an all-inclusive lifestyle throughout your journey, accompanied at every stage by an expert Tour Manager and Tour Doctor. Aboard your luxurious ship, you’ll enjoy a wealth of dining options and a private-balcony suite. While on land, you’ll stay in residences of the highest standard.

Le Commandant Charcot

Journey to the North Pole

Embark the world’s first luxury icebreaker for a breathtaking voyage to the geographic North Pole. Le Commandant Charcot ventures beyond the reach of any other luxury vessel, so you can see the world’s most remote regions in comfort and style.

Images: ©PONANT Photo Ambassador/Cindy Miller Hopkins & ©StudioPONANT/Olivier Blaud