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The Last Word in Luxury Travel

Captain’s Choice is the established leader in creating unrivalled travel experiences. A privately owned Australian company and a pioneer of journeys by private jet, we are proud to lead the global push to explore new lands, unearth extraordinary experiences, and make the impossible possible.

Pioneers of the Uncommon

Reaching the remote and uncommon is our specialty. We capture the essence of distant realms in fascinating and unexpected ways. We actively seek out the novel, as well as the celebrated, with a pioneering spirit and a taste for the good life. 


30 Years' Experience

Captain’s Choice has been setting the agenda in luxury travel since 1994. As a  family-owned Australian company, we take an uncompromising approach to researching, curating and implementing our unique journeys.


Rwanda Gorilla Mother and Baby

Your World Experiences

Selected prior to your journey, Your World experiences grant you the opportunity to personalise your journey. Being entirely optional, these extraordinary events allow you to immerse yourself in cities, cultures and cuisines in ways that most delight you.

Keep Exploring

Everything Considered & Included

Curating journeys for 30 years, we know that sometimes travelling can be a chore. Which is why we’ve considered every last detail and moved everything mundane behind the scenes.
Gordan Higman peeping out of a train door

Meet Our Tour Managers

Handpicked for their uncanny ability to know what you need, Captain’s Choice Tour Managers are the ultimate travel companions.