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A journey overview

  • Santiago
  • Punta Arenas
  • King George Island
  • Antarctic Peninsula
  • Punta Arenas
  • Puerto Natales
  • Santiago

14 Days Expedition Voyage
  • Departing:
  • 25 Nov 2023 Selling Fast
  • 23 Nov 2024 New release

Breeze into Antarctica, avoiding the treacherous Drake Passage, courtesy of Silversea’s privately chartered jet. The expedition ship Silver Endeavour skirts the icy shores of the White Continent, our voyage one of supreme comfort. Unrepeatable scenes are ours to savour, as Antarctica’s ethereal mysteries play out before us. Our journey concludes amid the arresting wilderness of Patagonia.

Silver Endeavour
Silver Cloud

Cruise the White Continent Aboard Silver Endeavour

Make yourself at home aboard Silver Endeavour as you spend six nights exploring all the wonders of Antarctica. Enjoy an all-inclusive oceanic lifestyle aboard this small ship with a capacity of 200 guests. Select from several onboard restaurants, and absorb the sights from the ship’s expansive decks and other public areas, then retire to your comfortable Veranda Suite.


Exceptional Encounters in the Southern Ocean

Look on as a procession of penguins makes its way to the water’s edge. Observe the playful antics of a pair of sociable seals. And keep watch for albatross and shearwaters scanning the ocean for their next meal.


Climb Aboard Zodiacs for a Deeper Immersion

Our vessel’s Zodiacs offer closer vantage points from which to glean nature’s secrets. Join members of our Expedition Team, which comprises up to 28 experts, as we explore some of the world’s most secluded regions. Hiking and kayaking present further opportunities for discovery. 



Three Nights in Singular Splendour

Begin your adventure through Patagonia from our base at The Singular Puerto Bories Hotel. Explore Torres del Paine National Park, dive into the history and culture of Puerto Natales, hike along the edge of the Eberhard Fjord, or indulge yourself at our hotel’s spa.



Tour Manager - Suzanne Higman

Tour Doctor - Dr Claudia Lee

25 Nov 2023: As Your Tour Manager, Suzanne Higman Welcomes You On This Journey

25 Nov 2023: Your Accompanying Tour Doctor For This Journey is Dr Claudia Lee

Settle into The Singular Santiago. Get to know your fellow travellers during a Welcome Dinner at a local restaurant.

After breakfast at our hotel this morning, we board a flight for the city of Punta Arenas in southern Chile. Following lunch and a brief tour of the city, we check into Hotel Cabo de Hornos. We attend a briefing from our Antarctic Expedition Team in preparation for our departure tomorrow. This evening, we dine with our fellow cruise guests.

At the confluence of the Pacific, Atlantic and Southern oceans, the Drake Passage can be a treacherous stretch, but it must be crossed to reach Antarctica. While others steel themselves for two days at sea, Silversea’s privately chartered jet makes light work of the crossing and we touch down on King George Island, the largest of the South Shetland Islands and the gateway to Antarctica. We are whisked away by Zodiacs to join our waiting ship, Silver Endeavour, our home for the next six nights.

The profound vastness and isolation of Antarctica can only ever be fully appreciated at close range. This is an experience enjoyed by only a fortunate few. We begin our voyage at the northernmost tip of the White Continent, as we cruise into Antarctic Sound. We glimpse the jagged profiles of scattered icebergs, while anticipating the excitement of a whale’s splashing tail. As we draw nearer to huge slabs of ice, keep watch for colonies of gentoo penguins. While up above, graceful petrels soar. When conditions prove favourable, we climb aboard Zodiacs, accompanied by our Expedition Team, for closer inspection of this world of wonder. Secure inside our warm expedition gear, we may also have the opportunity to kayak amid the rugged ice and polar seas.

Our captain charts a route determined by weather and ice conditions. Irrespective of nature’s vagaries, our scenery never fails to leave us in awe. We explore regions few have seen firsthand; the only other humans we may sight from afar are those stationed at the occasional research base. Our vessel escorts us by colossal icebergs and glaciers tinged a subtle shade of blue. Expansive mountain ranges punctuate the boundless landscape, the occasional proud peak displaying a surface of exposed rock. As we trace the shoreline aboard our trusty Zodiacs, we keep watch for a waddle of Adélie penguins. Should conditions permit, our Expedition Team may lead us ashore for a hike in this pristine environment.

Awakening to another day on the edge of the White Continent, we may find seabirds keeping us company. Look to the sky to see the proud wingspan of a wandering albatross, or down below to admire the fishing prowess of a king cormorant. With favourable conditions, our Zodiacs may once more be lowered into the icy seas for further explorations ashore. Our Expedition Team comprise polar explorers and marine biologists. As we traverse the ice-covered landscape, our guides illuminate the seemingly inexplicable permeating this magnificent continent.

After breakfast on board our ship, be on the lookout for wildlife. Our captain, crew and Expedition Team will alert us to sightings of penguins, seals and whales as we cruise along. Should the weather be suitable, perhaps take your position along the bow of the ship for a more close-up view of the exquisite terrain. We continue to navigate a path through a series of monumental ice structures, as our captain looks for further opportunities to take us ashore.

To the north of the Antarctic Peninsula, across the Bransfield Strait, we find the South Shetland Islands. While their sovereignty is a matter of some contention, the Antarctic Treaty has sanctioned the establishment of research stations, belonging to 13 countries, here. Though their claims to the territory may not be heeded by any such convention, the elephant seals and penguins who call this place home continue to go about their lives relatively untroubled. 

The imposing peaks of Mount Foster serve as the principal landmark as we approach the archipelago. We take our places up on deck as our ship draws nearer Deception Island. Our vessel makes its entrance through an opening in the island’s volcanic caldera. We reach land and set out on a hike of the former whaling outpost, taking in its mystical landscapes. The adventurous among us may even choose to take a dip in the geothermal waters at Pendulum Cove.

This morning, we bid farewell to our Expedition team, disembarking Silver Endeavour on our return to King George Island. Our waiting jet once again whisks us over the Drake Passage. Landing back in Punta Arenas, Hotel Cabo de Hornos awaits our return. Our Antarctic adventure may be over, but our journey certainly is not. Enjoy this evening on your own schedule, as you explore the city, dine, and reflect on the astonishing sights we witnessed during our voyage.

The sprawling terrain yields to mountainous panoramas as we arrive by road into Puerto Natales. Our rooms at The Singular Puerto Bories Hotel allow us unimpeded views of the waters of Last Hope Sound and the Patagonian fjords. This residence does not want for any measure of tranquillity. Chef Laurent Pasqualetto sources the finest local produce and prepares it with inimitable flair. Within the elegant surrounds of The Singular’s restaurant, we savour award-winning cuisine. After dinner, perhaps adjourn to the bar for a cocktail or two, augmented by still more views of Patagonia’s exceptional nature.

The next two days are set aside for our immersion into the spectacular natural world of Patagonia. We are presented with several options, enabling us to direct our day according to our interests.

Make the most of your time in Patagonia with a choice of these Your World experiences:
— Explore Torres del Paine National Park, where spectacular stone spires that share the park’s name loom large. Stand in wonder before a family of guanaco. You may also spy some of the park’s other striking wildlife, including flamingos, Darwin’s rhea and Andean condors.
— The four-kilometre hike from Puerto Consuelo to Puerto Prat takes you along the banks of the Eberhard Fjord. Along the way, take in the incredible views of the Zona Austral’s mountain range. 
— Set out on a tour of Puerto Natales. Admire the charming Maria Auxiliadora Church in the city’s main square. You will also see the Municipal Historical Museum and the Etherh Aike handicraft market. 
— Take a tour of our hotel’s Cold Storage Plant, which has been restored by relatives of the pioneers who settled the area. The hotel’s owners have preserved machinery here that was originally imported from England at the turn of the 20th century. 
—Simply relax as you are pampered in our hotel’s spa. Select from a range of massage and facial options or enjoy a sauna or hydrotherapy session.

Awake this morning to a perfect Patagonian panorama from the comfort of your room. On our final day in this awe-inspiring region, we have the opportunity to select another of the Your World experiences from yesterday. We return to our hotel having witnessed as much natural beauty and wilderness as one could hope for. This evening, our hotel’s discerning chef once again treats us to a sumptuous dining experience.

Today, we head to the airport for our flight to Santiago. Here, we reacquaint ourselves with The Singular Santiago. The city’s cosmopolitan charms are on show as we make our way to a local restaurant for a Farewell Dinner.

This morning, following breakfast, we return to the airport. We say farewell to our fellow travellers and new-found friends and contemplate the natural wonders we have witnessed throughout Antarctica and South America.


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