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Papua New Guinea & Indonesia by Luxury Yacht

  • Overview
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A journey overview

  • Port Moresby
  • Madang
  • Kopar Village
  • Vanimo
  • Lake Sentani
  • Mamberamo River
  • Cenderawasih Bay
  • Raja Ampat
  • Banda Neira
  • Dili

16 Days Expedition Voyage
  • Departing:
  • 7 Dec 2025 New release

This remote expedition cruise delivers us to the distant shores of Papua New Guinea, West Papua, and the far-flung archipelago of Raja Ampat. Swim and snorkel in crystal-clear waters, enjoying encounters with whale sharks and an abundance of other marine species. Just 26 guests will embark the luxurious Paspaley Pearl for this rare and fascinating voyage. Image: Morgane Monneret, Le Ponant.

Paspaley Pearl Private Charter
Paspaley Pearl Private Charter

Paspaley Pearl Private Charter

Cruise aboard the privately chartered Paspaley Pearl. Over 14 nights, the sleek expedition yacht delivers us to the remote ports of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, accompanied by a four-person Expedition Team.

Image: Laure Patricot

Swim with Whale Sharks
Swim with Whale Sharks

Swim with Whale Sharks

Within the deep blue waters of Cenderawasih Bay, off the shores of West Papua, live graceful whale sharks. The world’s largest fish swim peacefully alongside us during this unparalleled experience.

Raja Ampat’s Remote Archipelago
Raja Ampat’s Remote Archipelago

Raja Ampat’s Remote Archipelago

Raja Ampat boasts a staggering beauty, shared among its more-than 1,500 islands. Said to harbour a greater diversity of marine life than anywhere else in the region, the archipelago is ours to explore over three extraordinary days.

Plunge into Paradise
Plunge into Paradise

Plunge into Paradise

In the distant waters off West Papua and the Banda Islands, we have the opportunity to swim and snorkel amid striking coral reefs. The blissful sight of flourishing jungles, waterfalls and rugged coastlines further enhance the experience.


We prepare for our expedition cruise with a Welcome Dinner at the Hilton Port Moresby Hotel, where you will get to know your fellow travellers and Tour Host Team.

This morning, an economy class scheduled flight takes us north to the coastal town of Madang. Fringed by palm trees, the town sits along a remote peninsula that looks across crystal-clear waters. Almost 200 languages are spoken within the region, which reflects the overall diversity of Papua New Guinea as a whole. It is within this setting that we board our luxury vessel, the Paspaley Pearl. From here, our expedition voyage will see us cruising westward, following the remote coastlines of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

At the mouth of the vast Sepik River, we find Kopar Village. Here, the crocodile is venerated as a great spirit of the water and traditional ways remain a constant. Ceremonies are performed to appease the spirits and boys become men through a series of gruelling rites.

Those with a proclivity for water sports may know Vanimo for its various surf breaks. Its location, close to the border with Indonesia, also makes it an important centre of trade. The community frequently celebrates its diversity by hosting traditional events and festivals. Vanimo’s beaches offer tranquillity and seclusion in equal measure. 

Today we cross into Indonesia on our way to Jayapura City. The thriving metropolis is close to Lake Sentani, whose tropical waters teem with endemic fish species. The region is inhabited by the Sentani people, whose cultural heritage is evident through the proliferation of remarkable bark paintings.

Further west, we arrive along the Mamberamo River. Tropical rainforests make up part of the diverse ecosystems found along the edge of the river. As our vessel winds its way along this remote waterway, keep watch for the isolated communities whose traditional ways live on here.

Cenderawasih Bay represents the colossal gulf that lies between Papua and West Papua’s Bird’s Head Peninsula. And found gracefully gliding between deserted islands and colourful reefs is the world’s largest fish, the whale shark. Indonesia’s largest marine national park, Cenderawasih Bay also harbours the wrecks of World War II planes and ships.

We continue our cruise today, across the expansive blue waters of Cenderawasih Bay. Our nimble vessel gets us up close to the forested coastlines, colourful reefs and marine creatures that make up this beautiful and biodiverse region.

A day at sea allows us to take advantage of our vessel’s luxurious amenities as we make our way to our next port of call.

On the far side of Bird’s Head Peninsula, we arrive at Raja Ampat. Local mythology bestowed the moniker Four Kings upon this archipelago. The story goes that a woman discovered seven eggs, four of which hatched to produce the four kings who would go on to rule over the largest of the islands. More than 1,500 small islands comprise the sprawling group. It is said that the region possesses a greater diversity of marine life than any other part of the massive Coral Triangle, which spreads from the Solomon Islands to the Philippines and across to Singapore.

Today we absorb more rare sights, including island chains, shoaling fish and idyllic cays.

Our ship continues to navigate the waters off West Papua. Raja Ampat’s larger islands, Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo, stand proud amid lesser-known islets and are home to stunning landscapes and diverse culture.

Be sure to have your camera at hand today, as we are greeted by the spectacular sight of Kiti-Kiti Waterfall, which materialises from the forested hills and gushes directly into the sea. Found toward the southern point of the Bomberai Peninsula, the falls add the finishing touch to an already serene stretch of coastline, with its lush forests and impossibly clear waters.

Today, we arrive at the Spice Islands, where successive empires fought for control of the once-lucrative trade. Considered the most historic of the islands, Banda Neira was once the sole source of the world’s nutmeg, highly prized by European merchants. Step ashore, accompanied by your Expedition Team and local guides, for an exploration of this small island, including its ruined Portuguese and Dutch forts. We also arrive at the former home of Christopher Cole. The British captain led a small army of men onto the island in 1810, forcing the surrender of the Dutch.

Once again, we enjoy a full day aboard our ship, as we sail across the Banda Sea, en route to Dili.

Reaching the northern coast of Timor-Leste, we shortly arrive at the port of Dili. Following a final breakfast aboard the Paspaley Pearl, we disembark in the capital, where our journey concludes.

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