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A journey overview

  • Luang Prabang
  • Gobi Desert
  • Almaty
  • Samarkand
  • Tehran
  • Isfahan
  • Shiraz
  • Baku
  • Cappadocia
  • Venice

20 Days By Private Jet
  • Departing:
  • 27 May 2020

Many believe that a person cannot claim to have truly travelled the world until they have travelled the Silk Road. Cultures and empires collided. Wars were waged. Striking architecture was born. Cities prospered and crumbled. And naturally, it wasn't only silk and spices that were carried along the ancient trails. Ideas, art and religion were exchanged, resulting in some of the most intriguing places on earth. Today, we traverse an arduous route in an entirely effortless fashion aboard our private jet.

Luang Prabang Monk


Luang Prabang has a serene, old world charm rarely found in Asia today. We offer alms to monks amid the graceful sloping roofs, converse with a local photographer and an architect and learn the art of gold-thread embroidery with a Lao prince.

Mongolia girl with eagle
Interior of Gert


While known for its nomadic warrior history, today 30% of Mongolian’s are still nomadic or semi-nomadic. We head to Gobi Desert, to understand this way of life, meet locals, witness eagle hunting, discover a palaeontologist’s playground and where a luxury ger becomes our home.


Iranian history comes to life at The National Museum of Iran complex

Let your mind drift to pre-historic times on a visit to the Museum of Ancient Iran, then be dazzled by a selection of arts and antiquities from the country’s Islamic period at the Museum of the Islamic Era.


Tour Manager

Suzanne and Gordon Higman

Our journey begins in Luang Prabang and the Belmond La Résidence Phou Vao. A Mekong cruise takes us to the Pak Ou Caves. Alternatively, learn embroidery with a Lao prince, or visit MandaLao elephant sanctuary. The next day, take a dip at the stunning Kuang Si Waterfall, walk the city with a photographer, visit the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre, or explore with cultural expert. As night falls, explore the market stalls that begin to cluster around the streets.

A part of Mongolia that few travellers' ever reach, the luxury gers of Three Camel Lodge, in the Mongolian Steppe are our home for the next 2 nights. At sunset, we’ll be whisked to a mountain for cocktails while listening to a horse-head fiddle. Explore the surrounding hills, then see how locals use eagles for hunting, followed by an archery demonstration.Then join a palaeontologist for a walk around the cliffs where in 1923, a nest of unhatched dinosaur eggs was first unearthed. Later, hike to a lookout or take a camel safari. Reconvene for sunset cocktails at the Flaming Cliffs, an area rich in dinosaur fossils.

Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty, takes its name from ‘alma’ meaning ‘apple’, and a cable car ride reveals scenery dominated by orchards. We are introduced to Samarkand, a city that has welcomed merchants as part of the Silk Road since 130BC, via sights like Tamerlane’s tomb and the Syab Bazaar. Visit the Afrosiab History Museum, hike sheep herder trails to the village of Ohalik, or explore a silk and carpet factory. Head to Registan Square for a private dinner at the Ulugh Beg Madrasa.

Further along the ancient trade route, we arrive in Tehran where we stay at Espinas Persian Golf hotel. At Iran’s National Museum, ponder ancient pottery and artefacts that would have likely been carried along the Silk Road, then board a private train to Isfahan. Absorb the beauty of Isfahan among blue-tiled mosques and proud minarets. Step foot upon the vast Naghsh-e Jahan Square and visit Qeisarieh Bazaar.

We visit Pasargadae, the site of the tomb of Cyrus the Great. Settle in to the Zandiyeh Hotel in Shiraz. We are guided around the remains of the World Heritage-listed city of Persepolis, founded in 518 BC and pay a visit to the royal tombs of Naghsh-e Rustam, carved into a tall cliff face. Back in Shiraz, explore the gardens, the tomb of Iran’s greatest poet, Hafez, and dazzling stalls of Vakil Bazaar.

To the very edge of the Caspian Sea, the capital of Azerbaijan. From the Four Seasons Baku, we meet a local architect within the walls of the Old Town and wander the maze of narrow alleys. Spend the afternoon at Heydar Aliyev Cultural Cente or visit the Ateshgah of Baku, which stands on the site of a natural gas vent. In the afternoon, a private discovery and dinner has been arranged at Villa Petrolea, complete with Champagne and Caviar. Since its construction in 1884, it served as a community and green haven for the employees of the Nobel Brothers Petroleum Company.

The volcanic chimneys of Cappadocia date back to the 4th century. After settling into the Argos Cave Hotel. Hover above the terrain in a hot air balloon at sunrise. Otherwise, your discovery starts at the open-air museum in the Goreme Valley, moving on for a Turkish lunch at a local’s house. Join an outing to a carpet or pottery factory before dinner in a valley surrounded by rock spires.

Arrive in Venice, the conclusion of Europe’s Silk Road. Our full day in Venice begins with a guided walk through the alleyways, before a private cruise to the islands of Murano and Burano or a visit to Luigi Bevilacqua Silk Factory. At the Arsenal docks, a feast is served for both eyes and tastebuds. A private masked ball will be held in honour of our passage, with a lavish dinner and a market reminiscent of those once found along the Silk Road.


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