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Expeditions to far-flung shores

Expedition Voyages

Our expedition cruises allow the more adventurous of travellers to venture deep into remote locales. Embark upon a virtual circumnavigation of the UK or skirt the shorelines of Greenland and Canada, or reach the Geographic North Pole. Reaching the otherwise inaccessible becomes effortless, with nimble onboard watercraft binging the action closer still.



Our onboard watercraft are ready at a moment’s notice to explore secluded waterways and remote shorelines wherever we may be. From the imposing rock formations of the Kimberley to the faraway islands of the North Atlantic, our vessels are equipped to offer a range of tailor-made experiences.

Dining Room
All inclusive dining

Your All-Inclusive Life On Board

Everything has been catered for during all of our expedition cruises. Our vessels each promote a casual and intimate experience, with numerous social spaces. Dine in their onboard restaurants, enjoying regional gourmet flavours complemented by fine wines.