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Our Journey for Solo Travellers

Handpicked Solo Journey

Offered exclusively to solo guests, travel with a small number of like-minded people on an intimate journey that captures the essence of Australia.

Westcoast Wilderness Railway

Chosen For Solo Travellers

We begin with a special Welcome Dinner the night before we fly, a chance to meet our fellow travellers amid the thrill of anticipation. With the freedom of the air and fascinating destinations awaiting us, we relish being individuals coming together as warm travel companions.

Keep Exploring

Margaret River

Safety & Flexibility

Learn about our new booking conditions and additional measures we are taking throughout our journeys.
Close up of private jet

A Journey by Private Aircraft

We fly on routes not otherwise travelled. We may circle the globe, or focus on one region, but we always enjoy the convenience of our own private aircraft. Covering this much ground wouldn’t be possible any other way.
Cape Range National Park

The Captain's Choice Difference

Captain’s Choice is the established leader in creating unrivalled travel experiences. We capture the essence of distant realms in fascinating and unexpected ways.