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What they say about Captain's Choice

Some of Australia’s best travel writers have joined us on Captain’s Choice journeys throughout Australia recently, offering a fresh view of what we offer to you. They’ve explored the Outback on an overnight interlude, discovered the best of Tasmania and our southern islands, swum with whale sharks and supped on the riches of Margaret River and Coffin Bay. And here, we share their stories.

Keep Exploring

Close up of private jet

A Journey by Private Aircraft

We fly on routes not otherwise travelled. We may circle the globe, or focus on one region, but we always enjoy the convenience of our own private aircraft. Covering this much ground wouldn’t be possible any other way.

Everything Considered & Included

Curating journeys for over 25 years, we know that sometimes travelling can be a chore. Which is why we’ve considered every last detail and moved everything mundane behind the scenes.