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European Explorations for all five senses

From the snowy Alps to warm Mediterranean breezes, rustic villages to Michelin-starred restaurants and castles to nature’s amazing lightshow, Europe is not short on scenery, culture or cuisine. Indulge your every curiosity here.

Alberobello Street
Cheese and bread on plate

The Language of Cooking

Founders to some of the world’s most adored cuisines, Europe is yet to reveal all of its culinary secrets. Discover one new Michelin-starred delight after another, feast on Pugliese produce grown no more than 50 kilometres radius of its hidden restaurant or catch your own king crabs from frozen fjords and enjoy them at a nearby fisherman’s lodge in Norway.

Greenland glacier by tourist boat.
blue-melt-water-leaks in Reykjavik

Other Worlds on Planet Earth

Lands of contrasts, prepare to be captivated by the tranquil shades of whites, greens, blues and browns beauty of strange yet beautiful landscapes of Iceland and Greenland, seldom seen.

Above image, Stian Klo

Man moving whisky casks
Whisky glasses

The Lands of Plenty Call

Pristine and beautiful surrounds translate into promising personified experiences of any kind. It’s a mystery why he Scottish Highlands and hills of Ireland are not more popular, but that is to our advantage.