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A journey overview

  • Broome
  • Horizontal Falls
  • Montgomery Reef
  • Mitchell Falls
  • King George Falls
  • Bullo River Station
  • Bungle Bungle Range
  • Darwin

14 Days Expedition Voyage
  • Departing:
  • 21 Jul 2023 Selling Fast

Embark on the ultimate exploration of the Kimberley Coast with no more than 30 guests. Aboard our super yacht, Island Escape, cruise from Broome to Wyndham, accessing coastal wonders that others can’t. Soak in the natural phenomena and cultural history of this remote region, admiring the Bungle Bungle Range and experiencing outback life at Bullo River Station.

Island Escape
Island Escape

Exclusive Charter of Island Escape Super Yacht

Cruise as one of only 30 guests aboard Island Escape and access stunning coastal environments with ease.  Live the all-inclusive lifestyle with all meals and drinks, including fine wine and espresso coffee.

Bungle Bungles
Mitchell Falls

The Ease of Private Air Travel

Embarking a helicopter, we soar over rugged red rock formations to witness rare perspectives of the striking four-tiered Mitchell Falls. We take flight once more aboard a private plane, traversing the skies over the Bungle Bungle Range and Lake Argyle.

Horizontal Falls
Vansittart Bay

The Kimberley’s Wonders Up Close

Our luxury yacht and its manoeuvrable Zodiacs allow us to experience coastal gems up close, from the tidal wonders of Horizontal Falls and Montgomery Reef to Naturalist, Winyalkan and Jar islands and fascinating Swift and Vansittart bays.

Image: Tourism Western Australia

Bullo River Station
Bullo River Station

Adventure Your Way at Bullo River Station

Choose from several authentic outback experiences at Bullo River Station. Climb aboard all-terrain vehicles to view remote rock art galleries, explore the station further aboard 4WDs, or join the team as they tend to the day’s tasks on this vast property.

Echidna Chasm
Cathedral Gorge

Striking Landscapes of Purnululu National Park

Our stay in the heart of Purnululu National Park means we have more time to explore the wonders of this enchanting region. Follow Piccaninny Creek between the beehive domes of the Bungle Bungle Range and behold awe-inspiring Echidna Chasm and Cathedral Gorge.


Arrive in Broome and embark Island Escape, our purpose-built super yacht. For the following eight nights, this luxurious craft will be our home. Get to know your fellow guests before we make our way to Zanders for a Welcome Dinner. Feast on the region’s freshest seafood while looking over a vast stretch of white sand and the pristine waters of Cable Beach. Return to Island Escape and settle into your elegant accommodation.

Following breakfast aboard Island Escape, immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of Broome during an in-depth exploration of the city. From our position atop the rocky promontory at Gantheaume Point, we soak in views of the Indian Ocean as it fills the sweeping gulf between the horizon and ourselves. A visit to the Japanese Cemetery illustrates the number of people enticed to Broome with hopes of securing a fortune in this resort town, linked inextricably to the pearling industry. Stroll through vibrant Chinatown, which further illustrates Broome’s reputation as a cultural melting pot, before exploring the historic Sun Pictures theatre.

Afterwards, we pause for lunch at Matso’s Broome Brewery. Pair your meal with a unique mango, lychee or chilli beer. Or perhaps a more conventional, but just as refreshing, ale or lager. Soak in some time at leisure prior to transferring back to Island Escape and embarking on our glorious cruise through the Kimberley’s turquoise waters.

After a restful night sailing along the Kimberley’s rugged coastline, take in the sight of the arresting Buccaneer Archipelago during breakfast. Absorb views of rocky islands surrounded by enticing waters from the aft deck of our sleek yacht. Next, we board a high-powered jet boat for a special experience, getting up close and personal with the remarkable Horizontal Falls. The falls are created as one of the world’s greatest tides forces the pristine waters to rush through two narrow gorges at up to 20 knots. Shoot through the white-water phenomenon aboard your speedy vessel and admire the swirling waters of the Whirlpool Passage before passing back through the falls and returning to Island Escape. This evening, our onboard chefs are sure to delight with a delectable dinner.

Another tidal phenomenon lies ahead today as we visit the incredible Montgomery Reef, the world’s largest inshore reef. Aboard our convenient Zodiac vessels, we get up close as the significant tide turns and the reef appears to rise from the ocean, unveiling the vibrant world below the surface. Surrounded by cascading ocean waterfalls as far as the eye can see, we watch as the reef bursts into life. Keep your eyes peeled for the diverse wildlife, from turtles, sharks and octopuses to manta rays, dugong and dolphins, alongside the region’s many birds flocking in for a fresh feast. Upon returning to Island Escape, perhaps gaze out to sea while enjoying a cocktail, toasting the day as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean. You may also wish to treat yourself to a relaxing dip in the sun deck’s jacuzzi, as we sail towards another adventure-filled day.

Wake to the fresh sea air again this morning. We soon anchor near the mouth of the Hunter River, the stunning beaches of Naturalist Island lying before us. Upon setting foot on the island’s white sands, we embark on a scenic helicopter flight to one of the Kimberley’s most striking attractions, the four-tiered Mitchell Falls. Soar above the falls, admiring the Mitchell River as its waters converge in serene rock pools before tumbling into the deep gorge below.

After our flight, we have the opportunity to explore the region at close range, as we approach Mitchell River National Park’s diverse flora and fauna, before marvelling at its astonishing galleries of Indigenous rock art. Painted many thousands of years ago, the Gwion Gwion paintings are distinct from other forms of rock art, with their elongated human depictions. Return to our super yacht to revel in its amenities and indulge in another satisfying meal.

Rise to greet another enchanting Kimberley morning as we sail to Winyalkan Island, whose remarkable geology has been shaped by water and wind over millions of years. We wander the rugged landscape, which is home to bats and geckos. Upon returning to Island Escape, relax and enjoy lunch as we pass rocky coastlines enveloped in native trees and shrubs during our cruise to Swift Bay. 

A short walk from our Zodiac landing, we find several rock shelters housing some of the region’s most fascinating rock art sites. A reminder of the Kimberley’s Indigenous past, present and future, these graceful pieces depict birds, fish and turtles, as well as spiritual Wandjina figures. After further exploration, we cruise back across the bay’s clear waters to our super yacht for another relaxing evening on board.

Following breakfast on board our vessel, we embark on an in-depth discovery of historic Vansittart Bay. Step ashore at one of the bay’s pristine white beaches and continue on to the area’s vast salt flats. Close by, we discover an unlikely artefact. The wreckage of a US Air Force DC3 plane has remained here ever since it lost its way, running out of fuel and crashlanding in 1942. Still largely intact, the aircraft is a stark reminder of northern Australia’s involvement in the war.

Lying within Vansittart Bay itself is Jar Island, which boasts some of the Kimberley’s most remarkable Gwion Gwion artworks, dating back thousands of years. We take our Zodiacs to the island to explore its wonders, which powerfully demonstrate the region’s rich history and culture. 

Standing 100 metres high, the imposing twin cascades of King George Falls lie ahead today. Our Zodiacs allow us to journey along the King George River with ease before the spectacular falls reveal themselves. Marvel at the towering red sandstone cliffs as we cruise towards the tumbling waterfalls, inching our way close enough to be showered by the refreshing droplets of this powerful natural wonder. Spend the day exploring the region, admiring its rugged scenery and plentiful wildlife. This evening, savour a final dinner aboard Island Escape and soak in the panoramic river and sea views as the sun sets on our awe-inspiring cruise.

After enjoying breakfast while sailing towards the Berkeley River, our magnificent cruise along the glistening Kimberley Coast comes to a close. We say goodbye to our captain and crew before splitting into two smaller groups. Privately chartered planes meet us, with half of our guests journeying to the Bungle Bungle Range in Purnululu National Park, while the remainder set off for Bullo River Station.

While our eventual destination is Purnululu National Park, our pilot charts an initial course over Lake Argyle, where our aircraft grants us exceptional perspectives over the vast freshwater lake’s many islands. We then soar over the Bungle Bungle Range; our private plane flying us low for close-up views of the unique domes. After touching down, we make the short trip to our tented accommodation at Bungle Bungle Wilderness Lodge. We dine here for lunch before heading out on an enthralling adventure. We first head to Osmand Lookout for expansive views of the park’s geological wonders, before wandering between the sheer red cliff faces of mysterious Echidna Chasm. As we navigate a narrow path, we peer up at the light penetrating the narrow crevice above us. Absorb your surroundings further during an open-air dinner at our lodge, before settling in for our first relaxing night in the bush.

Our other plane, meanwhile, touches down on the green lawn adjacent to Bullo River Station’s original homestead, now a guest house. The station serves as our base over the next two nights.  From here, you may set off on a variety of excursions at your discretion. You may like to head out on a guided hiking tour, admiring the arresting scenery that makes up this special place. For those tempted by the lure of wildlife encounters, morning and evening safaris reveal native species, including kangaroos, goanna, emus, crocodiles, and a plethora of bird species. We enjoy dinner under the stars, beside the campfire and the knobbly trunks of eucalyptus. 

For those in Purnululu National Park, begin the day with a morning walk alongside the beehive domes of the Bungle Bungle Range. Absorb the colossal and ancient landscape as we slowly make our way to the awe-inspiring Cathedral Gorge, a magnificent natural amphitheatre carved into the vibrant red rock over millions of years. With the gorge’s welcoming shadows having cooled us, we depart to follow Piccaninny Creek further through the rugged terrain, our efforts rewarded with peerless panoramas. 

Lunch is served back at our lodge before we enjoy an afternoon at leisure. Spend this time in your own way, while continuing to soak up the atmosphere of the bush. For dinner, a sensational three-course meal of regional specialties, served with Indigenous herbs, brings the authentic flavours of the Kimberley together. Matso’s locally brewed beer and Rosabrook Margaret River wines are also available for an added touch.

At Bullo River Station, breakfast is served on the veranda. Fuelled for the day ahead, we waste no time in presenting for our preferred activities. Choose a day out on the land, revelling in the dust, sweat and exhilaration of station life. Scoot around the property in 4WDs, all-terrain vehicles or on horseback. Or perhaps join the team as they take on the day’s list of tasks, including cattle mustering, bore checks and poddy calf feeding. 

A collection of ancient Indigenous rock art sites, discovered within the station’s cliffs and ridges, are thought to have belonged to the Ngarinman people who lived on, and managed, this land before the arrival of Europeans. Admire their vivid galleries during a tour, arriving by all-terrain vehicles. Freshwater and tidal fishing in the Bullo River is a thrilling experience. At an additional cost, guests can cast off from aboard the station’s boats or along the river bank in an attempt to lure the prized local barramundi. These are just a few of the experiences available today. 

Today, our two groups swap places. Following breakfast, farewell Bungle Bungle Wilderness Lodge and board a private charter flight to Bullo River Station, landing conveniently in front of its charming homestead. Join the station’s staff, tackling the daily activites of the station and gaining insight into the operations of this unique accommodation. 

Guests who have already experienced the pastoral pleasures of Bullo River Station board their private charter flight to Purnululu National Park. Along the way, marvel at expansive Lake Argyle and its many islands as you soar over the colossal body of water. Upon reaching our tented accommodation at Bungle Bungle Wilderness Lodge, enjoy two days admiring the ancient natural phenomena of the Outback. 

Make the most of your final day, whether at Bullo River Station or in Purnululu National Park. You may like to take a refreshing dip in a remote waterhole, admire Indigenous rock art or simply experience the spirit and serenity of these inspiring landscapes.

After breakfast, privately chartered aircrafts deliver our two groups to Darwin. Take a panoramic tour of this tropical city, before checking into the centrally located Hilton Darwin. We toast our final evening together with dinner at Pee Wee’s at the Point. Freshly caught seafood and award-winning wines enhance the outdoor coastal setting of East Point Nature Reserve, the ideal spot to reflect upon our remarkable journey.

Share one last meal this morning before saying goodbye to your new-found friends. We then make our way to the airport, our journey at an end. 

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