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The deep rumble of migratory wildlife. The thundering Victoria Falls. The immense height of sand dunes, and their vast desert surroundings in Namibia. Africa’s varied environments are both magnificent and powerful. 

As we once again begin to explore its varied scenery, we look to our past journeys with Tour Manager Richard Moras, who has travelled extensively throughout Africa. Richard shares his most memorable moments and favourite experiences in Africa’s east and west below. You can visit these destinations on our newest Private Jet Journeys in 2024.

Richard, what do you love most about visiting East Africa?

Of course, the wildlife safaris are what I love most. While you are on safari it’s important to remember this is not a zoo, this is the wild, and you are never guaranteed to see anything. So, when you do it is such a thrill. It’s so exciting when you get that great photograph to share with people back home, who haven’t had this great experience.

In West Africa, Etosha National Park is particularly popular for viewing the ‘Big Five’ – what’s your favourite experience in Etosha?

Etosha is the same size as the Netherlands and one of the largest national parks in Africa, filled with remarkable wildlife. In the dry season, the wildlife concentrate around the waterholes, which makes this an ideal time for viewing. You can often park up at a waterhole and just wait ‘til the wildlife come to drink, which is an incredible experience.

Namibia is known for its desert landscapes and petrified trees – what has been your experience of Namibia?

I have been lucky enough to visit the Namib Desert several times and my absolute favourite is the climb up the ridge of the giant orange-coloured sand dune, and then running down into Deadvlei. Amazing photography can be had in Deadvlei, where 900-year-old dead trees, that have blackened with age, can be seen against a backdrop of the dried, white lakebed and orange sand dunes.
What is your “must try” when visiting this region?

You must always have an Amarula Cream on ice! Best enjoyed when sitting around the campfire, while comparing notes on what was seen on safari during that day’s adventure.

Why do you love travelling through Africa with Captain’s Choice?

Captain’s Choice travel by privately chartered business class jet, which helps condense a lot of the travel time. You can travel vast distances within a short flight, versus hours travelling overland. The roads in Africa are mostly dirt, and quite bumpy in places, so the jet makes for a much more comfortable journey.
Captain’s Choice has been travelling to Africa for over 20 years. This experience, along with the relationships the team has built with the local guides, drivers, and lodges in each region, helps it to deliver the best possible experience for our guests.

You can discover the wilds of Africa’s east and west on our two journeys by Business Class Private Jet in 2024. 

African Adventures by Private Jet & Rovos Rail. 16 days, Cairo to Cape Town, departing 31 August 2024.
Remote Reaches of West Africa & Madeira by Private Jet. 16 days, Cape Town to Marrakesh, departing 9 September 2024.