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A journey overview

  • Reykjavík
  • Tasiilaq
  • Skjoldungen
  • Lindenow Fjord
  • Prince Christian Sound
  • Nanortalik
  • Newfoundland
  • Gros Morne National Park
  • Nova Scotia
  • Cape Cod Canal
  • New York City

20 Days Expedition Voyage
  • Departing:
  • 17 Sep 2024 Selling Fast

Aboard the luxurious small ship Silver Endeavour, we connect Iceland, Greenland, Canada and the USA. We prepare for our voyage with two nights in Reykjavík, whose fascinating geology captivates and inspires. Greenland’s epic fjords and Canada’s fall foliage further demonstrate nature’s flair for creativity. Our enthralling journey reaches its finale across the many storied streets of New York City. Image above: Chris B. Lee – Visit Greenland.

Silver Endeavour
Silver Endeavour

Sail the Northern Seas with Silver Endeavour

Spend 16 nights aboard the brand-new Silver Endeavour, exploring the coastlines, towns and islands of Greenland and Canada. Enjoy an all-inclusive lifestyle aboard this small ship reserved for 200-guests, with butler service and 12 Expedition Team members. Select from four onboard restaurants and absorb the sights from the ship’s expansive decks. 

Blue Lagoon

Iceland’s Natural Wonders

Enjoy a choice of experiences during your time in Reykjavík. Explore the breathtaking Golden Circle Route, comprising Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfalls and the Geysir geothermal area. Or immerse yourself in the mineral-rich waters of the otherworldly Blue Lagoon.

Prince Christian Sound
Prince Christian Sound

Fathoming the Fjords of Greenland

Blue-tinged icebergs and glaciers are found alongside soaring, rocky mountainscapes as we slowly cruise Greenland’s epic fjords. While traversing the length of Prince Christian Sound, we admire sharply rising peaks either side of our ship, as the incalculable beauty of the region is revealed.

Images: Aningaaq R. Carlsen – Visit Greenland

Canada Foliage

Provinces & Isles of Eastern Canada

During our explorations of Newfoundland, we encounter the ancient Viking settlement of L’Anse Aux Meadows, as well as Gros Morne National Park’s otherworldly terrain. Canada’s remote regions are resplendent in fall colours as we discover the heritage of their homes and harbours.


Determine Your Level of Discovery

Throughout our voyage, you will have many chances to get up close to nature, with a range of included hiking, kayaking and Zodiac opportunities, joined by your expert Silversea Expedition Team. Hike to one of the world’s most remote hot springs. Paddle across icy Arctic waters. And cruise to shores inhabited only by grey seals and wild horses. 

New York
New York

Manhattan Moments

Our voyage concludes as we dock in New York City. Spend a full day discovering the city your way. By helicopter or on foot. In the museums of Midtown and the Upper East Side or on the streets of SoHo.

Polar Bear
Polar Bear

Extend Your World – Optional Polar Bear Experience

Reserved for a small group of just 16 guests, choose to extend your journey and fly north for a three-night stay in Canada’s polar bear capital. Travelling via Churchill, we set out on safari from the remote Seal River Heritage Lodge, in search of the world’s largest land predator. In the evening, enjoy gourmet food and wine, while keeping an eye on the skies for aurora borealis.


Tour Manager - Vicky Bryant

Tour Doctor - Dr Claudia Lee

As Your Tour Manager, Vicky Bryant Welcomes You On This Journey

Your Accompanying Tour Doctor For This Journey Is Dr Claudia Lee

Our journey begins as we check into the brand-new Iceland Parliament Hotel. A relaxing evening here includes dinner as we anticipate tomorrow’s adventures in this colourful capital.

Today, we head out to discover some of the geological wonders Iceland is renowned for. Select from the following Your World experiences:
— Explore the famous Golden Circle Route. Comprising Thingvellir National Park, as well as the Gullfoss waterfalls and Geysir geothermal area, this breathtaking region offers you a glimpse into Iceland’s remarkable environment. Close by, Fridheimar Farm invites you to try the local schnapps. 
— At the otherworldly Blue Lagoon, relax and rejuvenate in warm, mineral-rich waters. Take advantage of the indoor pool and geothermal sauna, before dining at Lava Restaurant. Afterwards, return to Reykjavík for an afternoon of leisure.

This evening, we dine at Harpa, home to the city’s distinguished concert hall. Enjoying breathtaking bay views, we sit down to a Welcome Dinner, getting to know our Tour Host Team and fellow guests.

Take the morning on your own schedule. Perhaps make the most of our central location to purchase a few last-minute keepsakes. After lunch, we make our way to the harbour to board our luxurious vessel, Silver Endeavour. Join your fellow travellers for dinner this evening as we begin our westward voyage toward Greenland.

A day at sea gives us the opportunity to momentarily ease into a more leisurely pace. On board our state-of-the-art ship, we make sure to appreciate some of the finer things in life, from delightfully prepared meals to exceptional wines. Perhaps also make use of the ship’s other amenities, including the spa and library; or simply relax in the lounge with your fellow travellers.

Having navigated the Denmark Strait, we arrive today in the town of Tasiilaq, on Greenland’s eastern coast. This remote and icy settlement is home to around 2,000 people, whose brightly coloured homes dot the landscape along the edge of a picturesque fjord.

Further south along Greenland’s seldom-visited east coast, we find Skjoldungen Fjord. The enchanting scenery here comprises towering mountains topped with snow, icy valleys, and sculpted icebergs tinged with blue. At the head of the fjord, we spot the Thrym Glacier. Today, we also hope to spy the odd whale amid this arresting scenery.  

The following Your World experiences guide us toward further exploration:
— Board a Zodiac and cruise to the edge of the Thrym Glacier, watching as waterfalls flow into the bay from atop the surrounding cliffs. 
— Join your experienced guides for a paddle across the bay aboard a kayak. From this vantage point, the sight of the massive Thrym Glacier and its surrounds will not easily be forgotten. 

This evening, we enjoy dinner aboard our ship.

Approaching Greenland’s southern tip, our vessel docks near Lindenow Fjord. Named for a Danish admiral charged with locating remote Norse settlements, the fjord flows inland for around 64 kilometres. The waters here are enclosed by lofty mountains, whose faces are a mix of rugged rock and thick ice. A sense of the surreal pervades as our ship gradually makes its way along the fjord; the vastness of the mountains alongside us, and the waters beneath, challenging our perspective of scale.

Marvelling at the peaks that greet us on our approach to Prince Christian Sound, we float by a series of solitary icebergs before our vessel negotiates its entrance to the channel. In the afternoon, we reach Aappilattoq, a small village of just 100 inhabitants. The tiny fishing community is practically inaccessible by land and it is not uncommon for the town’s pupils to spot the occasional polar bear through classroom windows during their lessons. 

Your World experiences offer several perspectives on our surrounds:
— Set out on one of two optional hikes. The first is a three-kilometre round trip, which takes you to an elevated vantage point for spectacular views. Please note that this option will be quite strenuous and conditions will be slippery. A shorter and easier option takes you along a path to a smaller hill, offering views over the village. From here, walk through the village to the church, enjoying a performance from the local choir before returning to the ship. 
— Join your Expedition Team for a hike across the tundra, and along steep rocky ledges, to a magnificent lookout. This strenuous hike should only be attempted by fit and sure-footed guests. 
— Paddle across the waters of this otherwise barren wilderness aboard a kayak, accompanied by your expert Expedition Team.

Having departed Aappilattoq, our vessel rounds the tip of Greenland in its approach to the equally remote and sparsely populated town of Nanortalik. Occupying its position upon a small island, Nanortalik is made up of neat rows of little wooden houses, all uniform in nature, save for their alternating and brightly coloured facades. 

Take the opportunity to discover the town your way this morning, with a Your World experience:
— Enjoy a warm welcome from the village choir. Afterwards, make your way to the Nanortalik Museum, whose exhibits detail how the town came to be. 
— Kayak the calm, icy waters off Nanortalik, accompanied by your Expedition Team.
— Keep your camera close at hand as you discover the local flora and fauna with your expert guides.

This afternoon, we cruise to the nearby island Uunartoq. From here, we set out on a short hike along the Arctic tundra, admiring the sizeable icebergs close to shore. Then enjoy a dip in the region’s hot springs. This little-known bathing area is unbeatable for its combination of relaxation and staggering scenery. Refreshed, we return to our ship.

While making our way gradually along the western shores of Greenland, we arrive at Qaqortoq. While the centre of town sits near to the water’s edge, the bulk of the population’s colourful residences can be seen occupying sharply rising streets that reach toward the surrounding hills. 

Your World experiences invite you to discover some of the fascinating aspects of Qaqortoq, be they scenic or historic:
— Explore the harbour and the town square, with its churches and museum. While walking through the town, keep an eye out for the various pieces of Stone & Man sculpture art. 
— Accompanied by a local guide, take a walk through town passing its modest museum, and browsing souvenir shops on your way to explore the town square. You may also like to make your way to the local fish market to check out the catch of the day.
— Join your Expedition Team for some kayaking across the serene waters off Qaqortoq. 
— Meet with some of the locals while enjoying visits to the church, the Eric the Red statue, and a replica of a Viking’s Longhouse.

At nearby Hvalsey, we take a walk along an, at times, uneven terrain to see the ruins of a 14th-century church, which was once part of a farmstead by the name of Thjodhild’s Stead. The site is historic for being the scene of the last documented event that the Norse played a part in here—the 1408 wedding took place just prior to the sudden disappearance of the Norse settlers.

Over the next two days, we relax and enjoy the amenities of our luxurious ship as we cruise southward on our approach to Canada. While away the hours in one of Silver Endeavour’s four restaurants, work your way through a good book, or just take your position on the Sun Deck and absorb the ocean views. If you’re lucky, you may just spot a whale or two.

We dock in St Anthony Harbour, which sits on the edge of the Great Northern Peninsula, in Canada’s Newfoundland province. On setting foot on these North American shores, we take the road to an ancient settlement founded by Vikings, L’Anse Aux Meadows. Once known as ‘Vinland’, this was where Leif Eriksson, the first European to set foot on American soil, set up camp. Our guide leads us through the preserved settlement, where we see sod houses, along with evidence of carpentry and ironsmith workshops.

The Silver Endeavour hugs the western shoreline of Newfoundland to arrive at Woody Point. Beyond the town, within Gros Morne National Park, we stand before a marvel of nature, where peridotite rock, forced to the Earth’s surface after the collision of ancient continents, has created a barren landscape known as The Tablelands. This otherworldly terrain stands in stark contrast to the verdant swathes of coastline along the edge of Woody Point’s idyllic community. 

Take advantage of our visit with a Your World experience:
— Head to the Discovery Centre to learn about the people, history and geology of this fascinating region. Exhibits, theatre presentations and spectacular viewing points will give you a greater appreciation for the natural landscape and heritage of this amazing place.
— Follow the boardwalk to Lookout Hills for magnificent views across Gross Morne National Park, as well as the Long Range Mountains and the Tablelands. The walk will also provide you with your best opportunity to see moose in their natural habitat.

The red cliffs of îles-de-la-Madeleine prop up quaint homes of varying, bright colours. Though the archipelago sits within the Gulf of St Lawrence, surrounded by New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, it is actually part of Québec. 

We begin our day exploring Havre-aux-Maisons Island, whose paucity of trees is due to the extensive lumbering having taken place here over the past century. Taste the delectable smoked herring at Le Fumoir d’Antan, which showcases the vestiges of a once-thriving industry. 

On Havre Aubert Island, we see a long beach hemmed in by high sand dunes. At the nearby Artisans Du Sable museum, the exhibits include several unique sculptures composed of this very sand. Afterwards, learn about the traditional fishing lifestyle at Le Site d’Autrefois.

The neighbouring island of Cap-aux-Meules is our next stop, and we see its Cap Hérissé lighthouse. The gradual eroding of the red sea cliffs here is clearly evident, with an average of two extra feet of shoreline being claimed every year. The stunning sea vistas are still ours to enjoy for now, though, and we make the most of them before returning to our ship.

Further south on our voyage, we come to Sable Island, a slender, crescent-shaped isle, inhabited by a few hundred wild horses. With more than 350 shipwrecks having occurred off its shores, the island also goes by the name ‘The Graveyard of the Atlantic’. 

Options abound on Sable Island with these Your World experiences:
— Join your Parks Canada guide for an easy walk along the beach. Learn about the local history while occasionally being distracted by the resident seal population. A short walk inland may then lead you to come across some of the island’s famous wild horses, or you may catch sight of a few of the migratory birds who make their way here each year. 
— Your Parks Canada guide will accompany you to one of the highest points on the island. This incredible sand dune offers a unique vantage point, as you take in the sand, sea, seals and wild horses. 
— Perhaps you’d like to venture a little further. From your position atop the sand dune, your Parks Canada guide will escort you along routes carved out by the wild horses, beyond the heath, to a freshwater pond, where you may catch sight of these majestic animals quenching their thirst. Return along the coastline. 
— Climb aboard a Zodiac for a cruise along the coastline. Keep a look out for wild horses as they gallop across the beach, while the island’s large colony of grey seals stretch out upon the sand. 
— Take things a little slower, as you paddle out across the water aboard a kayak. Progress along the shoreline, finding largely unexplored corners of this beautiful island.

We reach Nova Scotia and the seaside town of Yarmouth. Admire the area’s pretty Victorian houses, which populate the local streets in great numbers. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Yarmouth’s major industries have long been fishing and tourism. Throughout the 19th century, the town was also known for its shipbuilding operations, with the Yarmouth Steamship Company eventually linking the town to important industrial centres, such as New York City and Boston.

Having made our way into US waters, our vessel navigates the Cape Cod Canal. We pass under two bridges during our transit, which larger ships are unable to negotiate. Taking advantage of our gradual passage, we keep a close watch for some of the local wildlife inhabiting these waters, including the endangered North Atlantic right whale. Temporary residents, such as the great blue heron and red-tailed hawk, may also be spied, as we are here during their migratory period.

Our southbound voyage reaches its conclusion as we arrive in New York City. Here, we disembark Silver Endeavour and prepare to explore this celebrated destination. 

Choose how to spend your morning in the Big Apple with a Your World experience:
— Explore the icons of the Upper East Side on a panoramic tour of prominent city sights, including Madison Avenue and the Guggenheim Museum, then wander through Central Park on your way to the Empire State Building. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant. 
— You may prefer to enjoy the sights of Lower Manhattan, such as Little Italy, Tribeca, Greenwich Village, SoHo, Wall Street, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Finish your morning at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, then enjoy lunch at a local restaurant. 

This afternoon, more Your World experiences beckon:
— Tour the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) with an art curator. Hear their insights as you admire some of the creative and thought-provoking pieces on display here. 
— Climb aboard a helicopter for a once-in-a-lifetime experience flying over New York’s many landmarks. Soar over the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and Ellis Island, then along the Hudson River toward Midtown and the iconic Chrysler and Empire State buildings. Enjoy the spectacle of viewing Central Park from the air; its vast grounds hemmed in by New York’s colossal skyscrapers. 
— Set out on a walking tour of Brooklyn. See the famous Brooklyn Bridge, the fashionable Dumbo neighbourhood, the waterfront Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the upmarket residential area of Brooklyn Heights. 

This evening, we celebrate our magnificent journey with a gala Farewell Dinner. We enjoy our final night at the Mandarin Oriental, in Central Park View Rooms.

Take a final opportunity to mingle with your fellow guests over breakfast this morning. Our grand journey concludes as you are transferred to the airport.

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Post tour option

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Extend Your World: In Search of Polar Bears is a post-journey extension and must be booked in conjunction with Epic Nature of Iceland, Greenland & Canada by Small Ship. As the Silver Endeavour sails into New York harbour the opportunity arises to witness the natural habitat of polar bears in the northern reaches of Canada.

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